Abstract submission is now open. The submission deadline has been extended to 22 June, 2022 due to several participants having issues submitting abstracts. As a workaround, please log in using the main OMGN.org page before submitting your abstract. Participants having trouble accessing their accounts to submit abstracts should use the abstract example docx. file to prepare and submit their abstract to the official email: omgn2020@mendelu.cz, indicating also the preferred Session topic and selected Oral/Poster presentation.

Session topics are:

  • Diversity, Taxonomy and Population studies
  • Effectors, Virulence and Pathogenicity
  • Cell Biology, Signaling and Metabolism
  • Ecology, Metagenomics and Microbial Interactions
  • Host-pathogen interaction and resistance mechanisms
  • Oomycete Genetics and Genomics
  • Others…

Submissions received after the deadline will be considered for oral presentations only if space permits. Otherwise, they will be accepted for poster presentation only.

Prior to abstract submission, you may wish to download and use the example abstract for formatting purposes. Please limit the abstract body to 250 words or less.

During submission, we also request that you upload your abstract using the form. It will be used to generate the conference program. If you fail to do so, we will attempt to create one using the information submitted in the form. However, formatting is often lost during this process.

Please name the file accordingly: presenting author surname_first name.docx (e.g. horta-jung_marilia.docx). If you submit multiple abstracts, attachments will be associated with a specific abstract ID.

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